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Indoor Air Quality in Wilmington, NC

At Phillips Air Care, we understand the importance of ensuring the air you breathe is clean and free of contaminants. This goes double for the air inside your home or business. Between dust, bacteria, pet hair, and more, there are many reasons to be concerned about your indoor air quality.

The good news is that we are here to help. We offer a wide range of solutions to help you maintain and improve your current indoor air quality.

How Do Air Cleaners Clean the Air?

There are several techniques for cleaning or purifying the air that air cleaners employ. From passing the air through a heated core to ultraviolet rays doing the job, carbon atoms absorbing the particulates or electricity polarizing the air, there are many effective ways to get the job done.

There are several things that affect that quality; pets, pollutants from outside, volatile compounds released from things like paint or carpet, aerosols, disinfectants, and other cleaning products and much more.

Our skilled technicians are very knowledgeable about air cleaners and are always able to consult with you on which air cleaner would serve you best.

Humidifier Service Experts

Breathe Easier - Dry air can wreak havoc on your sinuses. By drying them out and not allowing them to drain properly, you are at risk of sinusitis. Also, when nasal passages are dried, healing from illnesses as colds become slowed. Asthma sufferers can also be prone to attacks.
Superior All-Around Comfort - By having a whole-home humidifier installed into your HVAC system, or simply by purchasing a portable humidifier, you can put moisture back into your indoor air. This will bring humidity levels to a comfortable balance. When the air is moist again, your sinuses and nasal passages can drain, allowing you to breathe easy. This also will help you sleep and keep your skin moist and fresh.
Simple to Install - Humidifiers are fairly simple machines. By either evaporating or using another method of breaking down water into vapor, the humidifier simply releases the water droplets right into the air. Our humidifiers vary in method, size and maintenance, but our Wilmington HVAC technicians are always available to consult with you on what unit would best serve your household.

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