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The Essential Guide to Modern Heating Systems

In winter, your home’s heating system becomes an indispensable ally, ensuring warmth and safety. Recognizing the significance and complexity of this crucial appliance is vital, especially considering the potential costs for repairs or complete replacement. Moreover, older heating systems often incur higher running expenses than newer, more efficient models. Evaluating Heating System Age: When to […]

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maintenance tune up

Preferred Maintenance with Phillips

Carolina Beach, NC, experiences chilly winters that necessitate reliable heating systems to keep homes warm and comfortable. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your heating system performs optimally when you need it the most. Here are some key benefits of heating system maintenance specific to Carolina Beach, NC. We’ll also highlight the advantages of choosing […]

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hvac repair

Heating repair in China Grove

When the temperatures drop, it’s essential to ensure that your home’s heating system is functioning correctly to keep your living space comfortable and warm. At Phillips Air Care, we’re committed to delivering high-quality heating system maintenance and repair services to help you stay cozy and comfortable. Here are some common heating system problems and how […]

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Getting your home ready for the holidays

It’s the holiday season now. So you’re likely getting set to host guests in your home. It’s traditional for many people to utilize twinkle lights and other Christmas decor to brighten their houses during this time. While decorating for the holidays, don’t forget your HVAC system is an important home appliance that also deserves attention.  […]

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