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Geothermal Repair, Installation, & Maintenance in Wilmington, NC

Geothermal heat pumps eliminate the combustion process and the associated threat to both your family and the environment. There’s no fire hazard, no fumes, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or other greenhouse gas emissions. Considered the most environmentally responsible form of heating/cooling by the Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal HVAC takes advantage of the free energy source found in your own backyard and typically pays for itself in under five years.

How Geothermal Works

A typical system consists of a ground loop system filled with a water solution, a heat exchanger, and ductwork into the building. During the winter, heat from the ground is absorbed by the water solution as it circulates through pipes in the ground. The warmed water is carried into the home where a water-to-air heat pump concentrates the thermal energy and transfers it to air in a conventional ductwork system, which is circulated to heat the home. In the summertime, this process is reversed and excess heat is pumped from the home either into the ground or redirected to heat domestic hot water in order to cool the home.

Benefit of Geothermal

Our certified team at Phillips Air Care provides customized recommendations and higher standards of job performance to ensure a smooth process and rewarding end results. By combining top-of-the-line products with skilled and conscientious job performance, we optimize the benefits of geothermal temperature control.